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Glad to welcome you here. My name is Layla and I am an experienced and gentle erotic massage provider in Sydney. Have you ever heard about such a sensual technique as Tantra or Nuru bodywork? I am here, in the heart of Sydney, to make you experience the most of it. Originally, I am from Eastern Europe where I master the art of an erotic massage at its best and happy to show it to you here in Sydney.

How does it work? Very easy. You can choose the session you like the most: erotic massage session is the classic one. It usually lasts for 60 or 90 minutes but if you want an extended session I could accommodate that too.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage has Japanese roots. This massage is legal in many countries. Participants apply a special gel made from seaweed. Participants touch and rub their bodies, which brings a feeling of calm and relaxation. Nuru massage is very popular in Sydney.

If you want to devote more time to body to body part and this beautiful skin on skin sensation you could try my signature Nuru session with special Nuru gel.

You can always call or text me and we will arrange our meeting at the time that fits you the most. I am always open to the outcall session to your hotel or private apartment at the most convenient time. Nuru massage in Sydney ..

Erotic massage

Have any questions? I am open to all your questions and requests at any time of the day and night. Call me to hear my warm voice and I will answer all the questions you might have. Can not choose between classic erotic massage and Nuru massage? Don’t know how the happy ending massage sessions usually goes? Please contact me and I will be glad to explain every detail so you feel comfortable when we finally meet. Erotic massage in Sydney ..

Tantra massage

Welcome to your ultimate guide to sensual massage experience in Sydney. I provide Tantra and Nuru massage sessions to your hotel or private home. I am of Eastern European background and will be happy to meet you anytime by appointment. Let me know if you have any questions. Tantric massage differs from other types of massage in that it focuses on erotic and spiritual experiences rather than just physical relaxation. It includes gentle touches and massage of the erogenous zones to improve sexual energy and unleash the potential of orgasm. Tantric massage can also train partners in intimate skills and increase awareness of one’s body and sexuality. Tantra massage in Sydney (Tantric massage) ..

  • Tantra session: 60 min – $450 AUD, 90 min – $650 AUD
  • Nuru session: 60 min – $480 AUD, 90 min – $680 AUD
  • Couple session: 60 min – $600 AUD, 90 min – $900 AUD
  • Dinner date: 2 h – $500 AUD

Erotic massage Sydney Tel. +61 482 061 332

Erotic Massage Sydney

Welcome wanderer to the magnetic world or tantra. I have always been excited to explore the endless space of sensual pleasure and the benefit it gives to one body and soul. What is it about? I could narrow it down to the several types of erotic session: Tantra massage and Nuru massage. What is the difference? Tantra is an ultimate erotic massage session that you can find in Sydney and other major cities across the globe and the tantra practitioner can always guide you through the limitless possibilities of your body. The pleasure, the sensation, the temptation is what allow you to feel real. Rest and relaxation: erotic massage offers a combination of physical relaxation and body satisfaction. They may see it as a way to relax and unwind after a stressful period, or simply as a form of entertainment and enjoyment.

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What is tantra massage? In Sydney there are many places offering that type of erotic bodyrub but Layla is the european practitioner who is mostly focusing on outcall sessions to your hotel or private apartment. She is very experienced in allowing pleasure to take over your body with exciting happy ending part.

Tantra is an ancient Indian practice that combines elements of meditation, yoga and massage. Its goal is to achieve a balance between the body and spirit, as well as the disclosure of human sexual energy. Tantric massage is carried out using special oils that allow you to glide better on the skin, and also create a pleasant aroma and a feeling of warmth. During the massage, various techniques are used that are aimed at improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and improving mood.

Happy ending massage or erotic massage is a service that is associated with sensual or intimate sensations and includes body to body acts or stimulation. Men may seek such services for a variety of reasons, and each individual has their own preferences and needs.

Tantra & Nuru in Sydney

Sydney is a pearl city among other interesting places in Australia. Everyone can find something new here every day. The local population is very good-natured. Modern architecture harmonizes perfectly with the old style of past centuries. There are a lot of places in the city that are definitely worth visiting. Cafes and restaurants, shops and markets live their own lives. Erotic Nuru massage helps you get maximum pleasure and feel better and more energetic. The warm climate helps temperamental people gain new experiences and sensations. Welcome to Sydney!

Nuru massage is a Japanese practice that uses a special seaweed gel. It creates a feeling of sliding and smoothness, which enhances the pleasant sensations during the massage. Nuru massage is carried out on a special mattress, which allows you to better slide over the client’s body. During the procedure, various techniques are used that are aimed at improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system and improving overall health.

If you want to try tantra or nuru massage, but do not want to leave the house, then you can order the services of a massage therapist with a home visit or in other words outcall. This will allow you to get maximum comfort and relaxation without leaving your home. Layla is offering outcall massage sessions in Sydney and nearest suburbs. In addition, outbound massage therapists usually have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of tantric and nuru massage, which guarantees a high quality of services. It is almost always a form of intimate fantasy. For some men, happy ending massage may be part of their sexual fantasies and desires. They may find excitement in the idea of getting a massage that turns into release of their energy.

Nuru massage is a type of massage originating from Japan and originally rooted in traditional culture. It is performed using a special gel or oil that makes the body more slippery and allows the massage therapist to easily move the hands and body over the client’s surface.

Although nuru massage has some similarities with erotic massage, its main focus is still on physical and emotional well-being. Here are a few ways in which nuru massage can have a positive impact on health. Relaxation and stress relief: Nuru massage is performed using deep and smooth body to body movements, which helps to relax muscle tension and relieve stress. This can help improve overall well-being and reduce stress hormone levels.

Increase blood circulation: Massage movements of nuru happy ending massage stimulate blood circulation, which contributes to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs. It can improve the overall health and functioning of the body. Improving Flexibility and Mobility: Nuru massage includes gentle stretches and bends that can help improve joint flexibility and mobility. This is especially helpful for those who experience movement restrictions or suffer from muscle tension. Raising Sensual Awareness: Although nuru erotic massage is not exclusively a sensual happy ending practice, some people may find it stimulating and increases sexual awareness. A positive attitude towards sexuality and one’s body can have a psychological impact on self-esteem and intimate relationships.

Layla operates in various suburbs in sydney including sydney city, cbd, balmoral, mosman, north sydney, randwick, eastern suburbs, lewisham, petersham, inner west, mascot, sydney airport, barangaroo, bondi, coogee, double bay, potts point and others.

Like any other form of sexual activity, erotic massage is popular with men because of the pleasure and arousal it can provide. In addition, many men can enjoy erotic massage as a way to improve their sex life and bond with their partner. Erotic massage uses various techniques and techniques that can stimulate erogenous zones and increase sensitivity. This can lead to more intense sensations and pleasure during sexual intercourse. In addition, erotic massage can help men relax and relieve stress, which can also improve their sex life. Like any other type of massage, erotic massage can have a number of positive effects on a couple’s health and well-being: Improved blood circulation and general well-being. Relieve stress and fatigue.

Improved mood and increased energy levels. Improving the quality of sleep. Improving sexual life and increasing the level of intimacy between partners. Improved self-esteem and self-confidence. Increasing sensitivity to bodily sensations and improving sensory. Improving harmony and balance in relationships. Creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere that helps to strengthen relationships. Three way massage is helping couples to boost their relationship and promote healthy dynamic. It is one form of the fantasy that everyone ever dream of. Call Layla to ask how couple erotic massage session going and pleasure yourself with that once in a lifetime experience.

Sensual bodyrub can bring fun and pleasure. Some men seek erotic massages for extra pleasure and intimacy. This may be due to the desire for variety, experimentation, or simply enjoyment of erotic pleasures. Intimate serviceability: massage with extra is a form of desire to be serviced and erotically gratified without the need to invest emotional energy or engage in difficult relationships. It is important to note that erotic massage services, including massage with continuation, involve contact and must be carried out with mutual consent and within the limits.

In Sydney, Layla Brown is the best option for you to enjoy sensual happy ending massage in a form of outcall session. She can come to your hotel room and offer you the best time you can imagine. Nuru massage, Tantra massage or classic erotic massage session is the ultimate pleasure that everyone can experience.

What is Nuru massage?

Nuru is the type of massage where I use Nuru gel for body-to-body slide. It’s a unique sensation that is impossible to imagine before you try. In my Nuru session, I focus on body rub and the closeness of our bodies throughout the session. And don’t worry, Nuru gel is very easy to wash off in the shower after the session.

Where are you located?

I am very happy to meet any Sydney-siders and visitors and offer you a massage at the most convenient place for you. Usually, I am doing outcalls to hotels and private apartments in the CBD and inner west. But if you are willing to book an extended session I could organise a place to host.

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a type of massage that involves stimulation of erogenous zones. It can include caressing, touching, massaging intimate areas and other tactile stimulations. Erotic massage can be performed for both men and women and can be both a solo pleasure or part of foreplay in a couple. However, it is important to note that erotic massage is not a professional medical massage and is intended solely for pleasure.

What is Tantra massage?

Tantra is an ancient practice of closeness of souls. In a tantric massage session, I use my hands and body to relax your muscles for better energy flow. Starting the session with a relaxing head-to-toe massage I will align your chakras to release the sensual energy at the end of the session.

What is body rub massage?

Body rub massage, either known as a “sensual” or “erotic” massage, is a type of massage that is meant to be sensual or sexual in nature. It usually involves the use of oils or lotions to intensify the experience, and the massage therapist can use their entire body to apply tension and provide pleasure.

But, it is important to notice that this type of massage is often associated with inappropriate behavior and can be illegal in some countries or states. It is important to seek out a reputable and licensed massage therapist if you are interested in receiving a legitimate and safe massage.

What is private nuru massage?

Private nuru massage is a type of sensual massage that involves the use of a special Japanese gel called nuru gel. The massage is typically performed in a private setting, such as a hotel room or a client’s home, by a trained masseuse or masseur who uses their body to apply the gel to the recipient’s body and provide a soothing and intimate experience.

Do I need to send you a deposit?

It is not necessary to make a deposit before the session. It would be great if you could bring cash and leave it in the envelope on the bedside table before we start our massage session.

What type of massage do you offer?

Erotic massage is a unique guilty-free experience of joy and pleasure. I start the session with a long full-body massage. It is important to relax the muscles and eliminate the tension after a long stressful day. I will make sure you are comfortable and your mind is present before I move to the sensual part of the session. I always include body-to-body slide so you feel this pleasurable skin-on-skin sensation. After that, I will flip you over so you can see my body and my hands taking care of you and release the rest of the tension for ultimate relaxation.

What to choose: Tantra, Nuru or Fetish?

I could recommend to start with classic Tantra session as it will open the door to latent passions and needs. Tantra massage is a way to escape from routine Sydney and devote the time for yourself to fell what’s real. I prefer to use massage lotion in Tantric bodywork as it has no smell and provide the most relating and gentle touch. Please inquire if you want me to use any special massage or essential oil. I always want you to feel comfortable and loved so please feel free to contact me with any special requests.

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique with special nuru gel that makes the touch more sensual and exotic. Sydney crazy way of life require a lot of energy that you can refill after seeing me for a sensual nuru massage session at your hotel. Nuru massage includes a lot of body to body touch and more interaction between masculine and feminine energy. Nuru massage can require a little more time as you will probably need to take a shower after nuru gel so please feel free to take your time and maybe invite me in shower with you. I can recommend body to body massage if you want to free your mind and feel the heat in your body. You will dive into the ultimate relaxation with nuru bodywork that roots into the ancient techniques of reiki and yoga practice.

Fetish session is a light BDSM session in Sydney that is more that you ever can imagine. Tired of being responsible of all the things in your life? Let go yourself and let me take control of your body and soul. Light domination, hand-cuffs and playing with toys is what can make you lose your power and let me become your mistress and love. Role changing session with me make you become as submissive as you want to be.

Why you should try nuru massage with me? It’s a simple way of discover the hidden needs of your body and soul. Body to body slide is super hot so yo can barely hold you in your hands. I will take your hand and make you touch my body the way I want it – this is what I call mutual touch in body to body massage. Happy ending session or erotic massage is what you get and nuru gel makes the session super hot and amazing.

Tantric bodywork is what I bring with me from overseas. The technique is very relaxing and erotic. Happy ending session connects you to the deeper layers of you sensuality. Explicit, release, relaxation at the end of the massage is what you are looking for. Either you think that you finish too early or too late – tantra massage will help you to get the right time to reach the end.

When is it the best time to book the session?

I am pretty flexible with the schedule. You can send me a message or call me and we can discuss the time that will suit you best. It is usually better to book 2-3 days in advance but sometimes I might be available for the last minute bookings too.

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