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Sydney, Australia

Australia is big island, and the weather here is significantly different. Melbourne is cold and the humidity is low, and in Adelaide a little warmer. In Sydney, it is even warmer, but in Darwin and Brisbane there is a high level of humidity. The golden mean in Perth is not cold and not too humid. In summer in Sydney (December to February) about 26°C, it’s just warm, and it can be terribly hot. By the way, at this time of year, slightly increased humidity is possible, but, frankly, it did not give me any special discomfort. From June to August – Australian winter, the average temperature is about 16°C. At night, it is sometimes very cold, as houses in Australia are not heated, but in the daytime – the weather for me, not cold and not hot, a light windbreaker – and on the road! If you decide to swim in the ocean, then January and February are the warmest months for swimming. In the rest of the time without a wet suit, do not even bother, the water is very cold.

The favorable weather in Australia is also affected by its climate. Most people forget what asthma and allergies are. Breathe freely and easily, even water can be drunk from the tap. The ocean, which is washed by the banks of Australia is crystal clear, with a large number of marine life and fauna. All streets are cleaned and swept, almost every 100 meters there are garbage cans. Even when, in the city, construction is underway, then after each car leaving the construction site, immediately sweep the asphalt. And arranged to work in Australia as a scavenger is almost unreal. On the level, their salaries equal to the ministers are written in many forums dedicated to life in Australia.